Day 1

Time Topic
12:00 PM EST

Richard Plummer, CHHA National Executive Director

Gilles Levasseur, CHHA Board Chair

12:30 PM EST

Love and Hearing Loss

Gael Hannan, Renowned Humorist, Author, and Speaker & Abby Stonehouse, Conference Host, Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, Producer

1:00 PM EST

Create Your Hearing Resource Map: Finding Hidden Treasures in Your Communities

Cochlear Canada: Dorota Simpson & Bowen Tang

2:00 PM EST

VOICE for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children — Past, Present and Future

VOICE: Erin Sproule 

2:30 PM EST

Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in University

Carleton University: Laura Brawn, M. Psych & Hunter Calder

3:30 PM EST

Trivia Time!

4:00 PM EST

Principles of Perseverance

Lance Allred, First Deaf Player in NBA History, Keynote Motivational Speaker, TEDx Star and Best-Selling Author


5:00 PM EST



Day 2

Time Topic
12:00 PM EST


Community and Confidence Go Hand in Hand

Janna Cowper, Hard of Hearing Mama, Advocate & Speaker

1:00 PM EST

Hearing Loops: Improving Accessibility Across Canada

GITHL (Get In The Hearing Loop)

Panelists: Stephanie Brown, Derrick Doll, David Moore, Bill Droogendyk

Moderator: Juliëtte Sterkens

1:00 PM EST


Young Adult Network Session

Tune Out to Tune In To Yourself

Facilitator: Karina Cotran, Author & Accessibility Advocate

2:00 PM EST

My Journey as a Professional with Hearing Loss

Nashlea Brogan, Au.D – Doctor of Audiology & Owner of Bluewater Hearing

3:00 PM EST

Comedy Hour w/ Abby Stonehouse

4:00 PM EST

Building the HOH Community for Tomorrow

CHHA Leadership Panel

Panelists: Cindy Gordon, Kim Scott, Dr. Ruth Warick & Leon Mills

5:00 PM EST




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